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3 Children’s Dental Health Facts for Parents

July 13, 2021

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Young girl at appointment for children’s dentistryLet’s face it, children don’t come with an instruction manual. Sure, you can find plenty of guides to help you through the first few years, but many of them overlook a crucial component to your child’s health and development. Besides creating a sleep schedule and providing a nutritious diet, their smile needs care from an early age, too. Although you know you’re supposed to brush and floss their teeth, there might be a few key factors you’re overlooking. Here are 3 facts from your family dentist about children’s dentistry every parent should know.

1. Tooth decay is more common than asthma.

Although cavities are preventable, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 42% of children between ages 2 to 11 will have at least one. It’s 5 times more common than childhood asthma. Not to mention, it’s 20 times more prevalent than diabetes. Cavities are an avoidable problem that can destroy their smile and affect their general health if the right precautions aren’t taken as their baby teeth erupt.

2. Create cavity-resistant smiles.

Maintaining your child’s oral hygiene and providing a sugar-free diet aren’t the only ways you can protect their smile from decay. Fluoride is known as “nature’s cavity fighter” because it strengthens the enamel to make it more resistant to cavity-causing bacteria. In some instances, it can even reverse the early stages of enamel erosion. It’s best to use dental products containing fluoride, like toothpaste. Their pediatric dentist can apply a fluoride varnish during routine appointments to further safeguard their smile. It’s a noninvasive, pain-free solution to keep tooth decay at bay.

3. Visit a dentist before they are one year old.

Although it might seem young, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child sees a dentist for the first time before they turn one year old. Early dentistry allows them to build a trusted relationship with their dental team, which means stress-free appointments as they grow. They will also learn the importance of oral hygiene and committing to their smile. Most importantly, their pediatric dentist will monitor their developing smile to look for any concerns, like weakened enamel or late tooth eruption. They can quickly intervene to address the issue before it turns into a bigger problem. A cleaning and checkup at least every 6 months will reduce the likeliness of your child needing a complex or lengthy treatment in the future. Preventive dentistry is an investment in their oral and general health.

Support Your Child’s Developing Smile

With the mouth-and-body connection, a healthy smile is crucial to your child’s development. Creating healthy dental habits from an early age will give them the foundation they need for lifelong oral health.

About Dr. Neely Davis Thornton

Dr. Neely Thornton earned her dental degree at the Medical College of Georgia. She is an active member of various dental organizations, including the American Dental Association and the Georgia Dental Association. She has the qualifications and experience to treat patients of all ages, including children. If you need a family dentist, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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