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Invest in Your Smile with Implant Retained Dentures from Your Dentist in Marietta

August 19, 2017

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Older man at dentistYour teeth are meant to last for a lifetime; however, that does not always happen. In fact, more than 3% of adults currently have no remaining natural teeth. If this is the situation you face, you have probably tried traditional dentures to regain your oral functions but were left feeling disappointed. Although several advancements have been made, they never fully feel or function like your real teeth. Not to mention, there are adhesives, special cleaning solutions, and irritation that add complications to your daily life. To resolve these issues, many are now turning to their dentist in Marietta for implant retained dentures.

Permanently Replace Your Missing Teeth

Implant retained dentures combine the success of traditional dental implants with a conventional denture. Instead of replacing each tooth individually, an average of 4 dental implant posts are surgically placed into the jawbone to anchor a custom-made arch into place.

The arch features prosthetic teeth in a gum-colored base that is similar to that of a conventional denture. However, an adhesive is not needed to hold it to the gums. Instead, the implant posts securely attach it so there is no slipping, irritation, or discomfort.

This process allows it to be the only dental prosthetic that most closely mimics the appearance and function of natural teeth. In fact, when compared to traditional dentures, you will gain an increased biting force of over 70%.

Best of all, they offer over a 95% success rate to permanently treat tooth loss. Not to mention, they are the only option that preserves your jawbone density to protect you from bone loss. With implant retained dentures, you will make a true investment in your quality of life and oral health.

Choose a Convenient Approach

When choosing dental implants in Marietta, you will enjoy an option that is like your natural teeth without having to deal with any extra headache or hassle. You can chew and speak with confidence because there is no slipping, irritation, or discomfort. In addition, you will not need expensive cleaning products or messy adhesives.

You care for your new smile similarly as to how you care for your natural teeth. You will need to clean them well twice a day using nonabrasive products. Pay careful attention to clean around the abutments. Often, a water flosser is a beneficial tool to remove trapped food and bacteria from the abutments and underneath the arch. In addition, maintain your dental appointments for a cleaning and checkup.

Get a Complete Smile Today

If you are ready to stop living with the challenges of traditional dentures, it is time to see if an implant retained option is right for you.

About Dr. Neely Davis Thornton

Dr. Neely Davis Thornton earned her Doctorate of Dental Medicine degree from the Medical College of Georgia in 2006 after working as a dental assistant for some time. Her passion for dentistry drives her to provide high-quality care and effective solutions to enhance her patients’ quality of life. If you are ready to treat your tooth loss, contact Thornton Dental Wellness today to learn more about your options.

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