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Advanced Dental Technology

Woman sitting in dental chair Technology has changed the way we perform the most mundane daily tasks. From making calls to finding the address of a new restaurant, advancements in technology make everything we do quick and easy. That includes dental technology. At Thornton Dental Wellness, our Marietta dentistry team utilizes the most innovative dental techniques and technologies in order to provide safe, effective, comfortable treatments for all of our patients.

CT Cone Beam Scanner

Digital x-rays have dramatically improved our ability to see the interior structures of teeth clearly. This makes treatment planning and early diagnosis possible. However, digital x-rays only provide a flat, two dimensional image of one section of the smile. CT cone beam scanners provide high definition, three dimensional images that allow us to clearly understand how individual teeth and the full bite are functioning. Consider the difference between looking at a picture of a tooth and being able to see a model of the same tooth. The flat picture will only show you a single surface. A model allows you to fully examine the size, shape, and texture of the tooth. The CT cone beam scanner allows us to do the same thing for the interworking of your smile. When planning for advanced treatments like root canals and dental implant placement, a 3D image from our CT scanner allows us to create precision treatment plans to fully renew oral health. For instance, root canals affect the innermost layers of teeth, and traditional x-rays don’t allow us to see the shape or depth of these interior structures. Our cone beam scanner shows us the full size and shape of your tooth.


CEREC Same Day Dentistry

Traditionally, advanced dental restorations needed to be performed over the course of two or more appointments, but using the state-of-the-art CEREC dental restoration system, these same procedures can be completed in a single visit. We use the CEREC system to design, craft, and place a restoration like a crown or bridge in just one appointment.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments

For patients who have sensitive teeth, young children who are still learning to care for their teeth, and adults who experience frequent decay, silver diamine fluoride treatments may be recommended. These preventive dentistry treatments strengthen tooth enamel lowering patients’ risk for decay. Additionally, by improving the tooth enamel density, tooth sensitivity is reduced. These treatments are quick and painless. We can complete silver diamine fluoride treatments as part of any six month checkup. We simply paint a thin layer of fluoride onto the surfaces of teeth. Fluoride itself strengthens enamel, but it also attracts other strengthening minerals to fortify smiles.

Ultra-Sonic Perio Laser

Traditional soft tissue treatments require the use of scalpels and stitches. This can cause severe irritation and inflammation and take days or weeks to heal. Instead, our team uses an ultra-sonic perio laser to provide more comfortable treatment. Using a high intensity light wave, the ultra-sonic perio laser removes damaged soft tissue with minimal bleeding and discomfort during treatment. Following the procedure, gums heal much more quickly than they do with a traditional scalpel and suture treatment. In fact, most patients are completely healed within a few days following their laser dentistry procedure.

Laser Dentistry


Our office incorporates laser dentistry to improve the accuracy and success of many cosmetic and restorative treatments, including periodontal therapy and even dental implants. Lasers can be used in a diversity of applications, like tooth whitening and gum contouring. In some cases, it can even be used for facial skin treatments to turn back the hands of time on wrinkles and fine lines. This revolutionizes the care you receive using state-of-the-art solutions.