Varicose Vein Removal

What Are Varicose Veins and Spider Veins?

Varicose and spider veins cause embarrassment, and patients tend to hide their skin behind clothing. Veins can impact your self-confidence, and can look like a large cord twisted under your skin. They can appear blue, green, or flesh colored, and are found on the legs and thighs. For many patients they are looking for a cosmetic solution, and they are not happy with the look of their legs. In some cases, varicose veins can cause pain or discomfort, and patients are looking for relief.

Spider veins are thinner and look like a web through the skin. They do not bulge like varicose veins, and can tend to look like a bruise. Spider veins are found behind the knees, but can also be round in other areas such as the face. Spider veins can be hereditary, but can also develop during pregnancy, menopause, or from the use of certain birth control pills. Spider veins can also develop from sitting or standing for a long time. The good news is that both varicose and spider veins can be treated with the latest laser technology. This treatment can help patients get rid of unsightly veins, or veins that make them uncomfortable.

What Treatments Are Available for Varicose and Spider Veins?

Vein removal technology has developed significantly in recent years. Traditional vein treatment includes injections or surgery. Laser technology now has the ability to provide safe and quick treatment for patients that want to treat varicose and spider veins. Our laser treatment is a non-surgical alternative, provides minimal discomfort, and results that last.

How Does Laser Treatment Work?

The laser creates pulses of light that are fed through a hand-held device that is held against your skin on the target area. The energy created by the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the blood. This causes the blood to coagulate and destroys the vessel. Our bodies absorb the treated varicose vein or spider vein, and will direct the blood to another vein. During the treatment we provide cooling pads to help ease discomfort, and keep patients calm and comfortable.

The laser can be used on any area where you have a varicose or spider vein, and the laser does not require anesthesia or pain medication. There is no down time after treatment, and patients can return to their normal daily activities directly afterwards. We do recommend patient refrain from any exercise or activity for at least 24 hours after treatment. Typically, multiple laser treatments are needed to treat varicose and spider veins, and this depends on the size, depth, and color of each vein. On average three to four treatments are recommended per vein to achieve the desired results.

What Can I Expect During My Laser Vein Treatment?

During your laser vein treatment, you may feel a tingling sensation. Most patients do not feel any discomfort during their session. Cooling pads are used around the treated area to help keep you calm and comfortable. Over the counter medications can be taken prior to your appointment. After vein treatment patients may notice redness or swelling around the treated vein area, but this should subside after 24hours.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more about how laser vein treatment can benefit you, Contact Thornton Dental Wellness. Our team has years or experience in treating varicose and spider veins, and use the latest technology in vein treatment. Let us help you gain your confidence back, and be proud to show off your skin again.

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