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Teeth Whitening – Marietta, GA

Brilliant Smiles Guaranteed

If you’re one of the many Thornton Dental Wellness patients who wants to brighten their smiles, our Marietta dentistry team invites you to call our dental office to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Unlike store bought treatments that offer little to no improvement or dubious DIY whitening products, our professional teeth whitening in Marietta, GA delivers predictably brighter results up to ten shades whiter. No treatment is right for every patient, so before we begin your in-office or take-home teeth whitening treatment plan, we’ll complete a thorough cosmetic dentistry consultation. First and foremost, we’ll work with you to determine the underlying cause of your dental discoloration and create a personalized treatment plan to deliver the flawless, bright white smile you’re after.

Causes of Dental Discoloration

Smiling woman talking to dentistThere are numerous causes of dental discoloration. Unfortunately, not all of them can be addressed with even the most advanced professional teeth whitening treatments. For this reason, our first step in treatment will be to determine the cause of your dental discoloration. Some of the most common reasons teeth are stained include:

  • Consumption of dark colored foods and drinks
  • Regular use of tobacco products
  • Wearing down of tooth enamel that reveals the yellow, dentin layers of teeth
  • Genetically, some people have darker colored teeth
  • Fluorosis or hyperplasia can both causes brighter white staining on teeth
  • Tetracycline medications taken during dental development can cause dark colored bands of staining

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Man receiving Zoom! teeth whiteningIn-office teeth whitening is the best smile brightening solution for patients who want to see results right away. In about an hour, patients can achieve their desired results. We begin by comparing the current shade of patients’ smiles to a color shading chart. Then, we protect surrounding soft tissue using soft rubber shields. A coat of professional grade whitening gel is applied to the front surfaces of teeth and allowed to work for about twenty minutes. After every application, we will check the shade of your smile. Most patients achieve their desired whitening results in three or fewer applications.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Take home teeth whitening kitStore bought take-home teeth whitening kits promise dramatic results, but unfortunately, the low grade of whitening gel and the ineffective application techniques render these teeth whitening kits almost entirely ineffective. Our professional at-home teeth whitening kits utilize the same high grade whitening gel we offer for in-office treatments. The custom crafted application trays fit snuggly. That means you don’t need to worry about the whitening gel leaking out or your saliva accessing and neutralizing the whitening gel. You’ll simply apply the whitening gel to your teeth for about half an hour as directed. You will begin to see changes after just a few applications, but most patients achieve their desired results after just two weeks. Take-home teeth whitening kits also provide effective touch up treatments as the effects of in-office teeth whitening begin to wear away.

Maintaining Your Beautiful Results

The results of teeth whitening will last for a year or longer depending on your consumption of darkly colored foods and drinks, tobacco use, and other habits that may increase your risk for dental discoloration. However, we recommend teeth whitening weekends for patients who want to prolong their beautiful results. By applying professional whitening gel at-home a few days each year, patients can keep their flawless smile much longer without a need for more prolonged teeth whitening treatments.